Transport to the Netherlands?

Would you like to transport your goods to the Netherlands? With more than twenty-five years of experience on this route, we can rightly call ourselves the transport specialist between Sweden and Holland.

Our starting points are quality, efficiency, and a guaranteed short transit time. Curious what we can do for you? Then contact us right away. We will be happy to give you an indication of the possibilities, transport times and costs. You can also ask us for an accurate quotation without obligation.

Trustworthy drivers 

Our drivers are very familiar with the routes between the Netherlands and Sweden. We can honestly say that we only work with our own regular drivers. Our drivers also have the necessary certificates. As an example, only our drivers with ADR-certificates are allowed to transport dangerous goods.

Fleet of ATO Logistics

We have a large fleet of fifty trailers at our disposal. We find it important that your transport to the Netherlands is safe and therefore we apply a high standard for our equipment. So you can rest assured that your transport will be received in good order at the delivery address in Holland. The inside length of our trailers is 13.62 metres. This allows us to transport 34 europallets per trailer per journey to Sweden.

Safe transport to the Netherlands

Safety comes first at ATO Logistics. Of our equipment, of our people and certainly also of the goods we transport. Our trailer fleet is therefore in excellent condition. And, if necessary, they are replaced for new trailers. To prevent theft, our trailers are equipped with safety tarpaulins. 

Because of our approach to transport, the trailers, including the goods, are always shipped accompanied. For your convenience and our safety, your cargo can also be tracked 24/7 via GPS tracking.


Our way of transporting

As an experienced transporter on these routes, we can guarantee short transit times. Furthermore, our way of working also ensures a safe transport of your goods and a thorough quality. When you, as a customer of ATO Logistics, have your goods transported to the Netherlands, our driver leaves with his truck and trailer directly to the ferry.

The whole package will be shipped as a whole. So including the trailer, truck and our cheerful driver. Following this, unloading takes place at the place of destination, for example in Rotterdam. In this way we guarantee our customers continuous support of the transport. 

Transporting as sustainably as possible

We think it is important that your transport to the Netherlands is efficient, fast and safe. But environmental friendliness is also important at ATO Logistics. That is why we make sure that we almost always drive with a fully loaded trailer. Also, our experienced planners provide routes where the number of kilometres without cargo is reduced to the maximum possible.

Always informed of your cargo’s location 

We find the provision of information to you, the customer, very important. That is why you can always track your transport via our GPS system. This can be done at any time. When you receive a shipment from us, you will receive a login code with which you have access to our system. In addition to tracking the load, we are also happy to quickly provide you with information that you would like to receive further from us. 

We like short lines, you can easily contact our planners by phone, they will be happy to answer your questions.

+25 years experience on the road between Sweden and Holland

The home base of ATO Logistics is located in the Zuid-Holland province of Ridderkerk, Holland. We have over 25 years of experience in providing transport between Sweden and The Netherlands.

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