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A.T.O. Logistics has a team of very experienced forwarders. We are flexible, we know what is of importance to you and we are always able to inform you about your shipment. Our team of forwarders arranges the shortest transit time possible and is able to communicate in Dutch, English, German, Swedish and French. Please contact us for an indication of the transit time of your shipment.


We only work with regular drivers. They are familiar with the routes Netherlands-Sweden and Sweden-Netherlands. They are also familiar with our high level of quality. For the transport of hazardous goods, we work with drivers who have an ADR-certificate.

Environment friendly

We transport in an environment friendly way. The routes are so planned that we can minimize the ‘empty kilometres’. The trucks all have the minimum required Euro-standard.

Years of experience
Trailers available
Pallets each trailer


Every trailer is equipped with a gps-system. At any time we can determine where our trailers are. Upon request, we can provide you with an login code to enter our gps-system, so you can locate and follow the trailer which contains your own shipment.

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